Baffle type grease filters FL03


We’ve developed a range AISI 304 stainless steel filters for hoods: they are long-lasting and corrosion resistant products that do not require special maintenance.

Our baffle grease filters are able to catch fat from the fumes of cooking and direct them towards the collecting ducts of the hood without falling back on the hob below. Mainly used for the filtration of fats and oil mist vapors, our labyrinth filter cells are easily washable, and maintain the hood and the spillway in excellent condition.

The removal of the filter from the hood, for periodic cleaning, is very simple, even after prolonged use. The cleaning can be effected by immersion or by means of normal dishwasher.

Our grease filters for hoods are available in two versions:

  • FL03/1 without handle
  • FL03/2 with central wire handle for an easy remotion

Compex labyrinth filtering cells are available with special measures, on request.

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